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Live Wedding Painting – my new adventure!

What could possibly be more fun than painting a celebration of LOVE?!

Surrounded by people in love and the family and friends of those they love . . .

guests are entertained and the bride + groom bring home a painting they will cherish forever.

And, I come home infused with joy and steeped in gratitude that I am able to use my gift in this way!

Every event is different and custom created according to client's dreams and wishes  and depending on budget and style. All are infused with the energy of the day!

Read the PDF below to get more information and send an email via the Contact Page for availability and possibly an artist/client phone call for a personalized quote.

Click on the PDF icon for more information

60 State Street  •  Cipriani Wall Street  •  October Farm

Cedar Lakes Estate  •  Pawling Mountain Club  •  Church Wedding  •  Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Philadelphia Museum of Art  •  Brown's Brewing Company  •  Glen Sanders Mansion

I am also happy to do post-event commissioned work from wedding photography.

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