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My first wedding of the 2023 season happened on March 4th and one peek out my window at the bird feeder indicated that Mother Nature had decided to start my day off with a chuckle! I was so worried I would get stuck in a snowbank on the way down to New Jersey but luck is always on my side for wedding days and by the time I pulled up to the venue, there was not a snowflake in sight! Last minute, the first dance was changed from a live band version to the actual recording. . . I've seen this happen before, no sweat, Jake and Cara were absolutely gorgeous and graceful. I should probably post the video! This beautiful couple commissioned two more paintings to give to their parents as holiday thank you gifts. One was a pool party scene with 30+ family, neighbors and pets and the other, a portrait of Cara's family from a photo on the wedding day. I have a big love for these two and I hope to stay in touch and paint the offspring one day!

Jake & Cara Reference 20
Cara's Bouquet
Jake & Cara Painting Close-up
Jake & Cara Detail
Jake & Cara Crowd Reference
Painter Selfie!
Jake & Cara with Painting 20
March 4th Saratoga Springs
Jake & Cara Final Painting
Sharon, Jake & Cara
Klein Family Holiday Painting
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