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Jake + Corisa – a unique approach. Against the grain...

Covid Wedding. There, I said it. My heart goes out to the lovers caught up in this insane period in history.

Jake and Corisa were married on their own gorgeous property in the hills of Central New York.

The small group of family and guests kept commenting on how the painting should not include any other humans and the bride and groom said I should do what I felt was best. After the ceremony, I was moved to an open tent with no walls to complete the painting when the skies filled up and let go a massive downpouring... four guys in suits held up the covering that was about to let go, crying, "save the painting!" it was all quite exciting, really! It did put an end to my endeavors that day and gave me time to contemplate whether it was meant to be that there should be no others included in the painting. And here you see, the decision. The animals represent family members that could not attend and those that were there in spirit. 

October Wedding Arbor
October Wedding Vantage Point
October Wedding Reference Photo
October Wedding Set Up
October Wedding Painting
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