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Maria & Ronald Final.jpg


I was so excited for this wedding! Maria and Ronald wanted a rooftop view of the river and the open sky above and the clouds did not disappoint, creating ever-changing drama on this wild and windy summer eve! The couple had recently lost very special family before the day and one of cloud formations actually shaped a heart in the sky over head to let them know they were there for them! The Franklin Plaza staff flipped the scene with ease from ceremony to cocktail lounge and I was painting in open air all evening! It was incredible! Interactive family and friends put their artist selves into action and helped me create this amazing memory. Maria & Ronald . . . stunningly beautiful inside and out!

Maria & Ron Close-up
Artsy Flower Girls
Maria & Ronald Chosen Reference_edited
Maria's Little Friends
Fabulous Family Artist
Maria & Ronald and Me!
The Final Painting
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