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Amanda & Troy Final.jpg


Amanda and Troy! They were all about the setting, Right down to the pinkish crystal goblets! This painting turned out to be such a favorite as I did not do any retouching to them after the event. I do love when I can successfully capture the loving vibe in very few strokes . . . the style is somewhat whimsical! They wanted a first dance scene. The photos were so cute and funny because they sang to each other the entire time until they hugged in the end! We loved that hug! So we decided on a re-shoot in the hallway to get a better version. That’s the kind of thing that can happen, especially in a first dance . . . no matter how much you plan, spontaneity rules! 

Amanda & Troy Closeup
A+T original
A+T new ref
Amanda & Troy Final
Troy Amanda Sharon
The Castle
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