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It's Time!

Time to unleash some art out into the world! I'm so excited! Giving flowers is the powerful age-old gesture of love and caring. Their beauty inspires healing and promotes higher vibration, and just plain feeling good! Flowers in the form of art are forever! Limited Edition Fine Art Prints of 100 each of the Hibiscus Mandala Series and Expiring Hibiscus Series are now available. Visit the Print Shop in the main menu for more info and to place an order. The originals will post for sale at a later date.

Each flower is named after one of my Girls... some are in the works so if you don't see your name yet, relax! It's coming! AND, I am over the moon SO happy with my printer, Steve! He is amazing, a pro, and he cares about quality color and inks, resolution and quality paper! The cotton/poly blend is going to rock the trending gallery wrap and floater frames. It's heavy feeling and heavy duty... I'm so happy... I know, I said that!

A big thank YOU in advance... purchasing prints make you a bonafide collector and supporter of the arts and allows artists to continue to make more art! For this, we are all so grateful!

Another BIG thank you to my dear cousin, Eric for assuming the role of guinea pig/first buyer. I so appreciate your wise council and your love energy.

For the peeps following my journey...

It took some time, indeed. The research and final decision making has been fun and painful! I can not count how many people I talked to about what is and is not kosher in the fine art world. How to photograph. What type of paper and inks, and testing said papers and inks. How many prints in your limited edition, how to sign and number and date correctly – to frame or not to frame and how to price. Putting it all together on my website... my head is still spinning. This old emerging artist wants to do it right and with class... these posies and the posies to come deserve that.

...and those who need help framing

I spent an entire week investigating framing. I will offer framing at some point in the future but for now I'm throwing in the towel. Instead, I'm offering framing help. In a nutshell, the holidays are upon us and we're still in pandemic mode. Delivery systems are already backed up in places, unreliable or unable to guarantee delivery times. My best advise is to jump on this now... either use your local framer or one of the big box stores like Michael's or Hobby Lobby. Both of the latter, in my neighborhood, had excellent people on the job when I was in a pinch but if you are crafty and can handle a little assembly, my go-to for the past 3 decades is They will build your custom wood frame and send it in one piece along with any measured/cut to fit matts, glass/acrylic and accompanying hardware but you will have to insert the print and finish the process yourself. Metal frames usually come in pieces but need only a screwdriver to get the job done. They are offering delivery for Christmas if you order by December 10th. That is early, folks! They have an online ordering website with an app in which you can upload a photo of your art and see how it looks in a variety of frames, glass/acrylic and matts... and the prices are fair. You might also be able to speed up the order and save a little money if you order your glass cut to size from a local glass company. has an awesome service department, and yes, they have screwed up and when they do, they take care of it. Just pay attention to how you measure. Be precise. Again, I would be so happy to help you if I can. Send me an email via the Contact Form.

Early experiments...

Offering these cute little gold-leaf gilded-edge 8"x8"s from an experimental mixed run of 30. You will find these in the Print Shop or if you are one of my locals, visit The Little Market at Five Points in Saratoga Springs while they last! They have a handful of matching 6"x6" square greeting cards in stock, as well. Check their hours!


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